• Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain or muscle pain?
  • Do you feel that you have lost your mobility even for basic activities?
  • Do you want more than a simple relaxation massage?
 What is Yumeiho®

Yumeiho® Is The Solution To Back Pain, Neck Pain & Postural Problems

Specialist in Traditional Japanese method of treating pain.

New In Belgium, Yumeiho Has Been Used In Japan For Hundreds Of Years.

See what makes Yumeiho® different...

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Manual therapy that makes the differences



 that speaks for them self

More than 15000 treatments performed

Focus and dedication to your needs

Over a decade of training and practice to become who I am today

Only one treatment - Yumeiho®


People that speak about Yumeiho®

Who am I?

For the best part of nearly 30 years I have worked hard to ensure that I always perform at my very best and reach my maximum potential. Now I want to pass on my own experiences and knowledge to help you do the same.

My name is Marian Sarbu, and during a career spanning almost three decades I have been an athlete, a coach, a psychologist, and a massage technician.

My experiences across so many facets of professional sport have provided me with a unique insight into how athletes can achieve more.

Now I can help you becoming the best no matter what that means for you.

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